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Cynos Inside Hair Care

After months of having my hair colored, retouched and styled, it was about time to get a hair treatment from the salon. Thanks to Cynos, it was an afternoon well-spent with my sister over Keratin treatments and gel nails. I only confirmed my attendance that morning and I was so surprised to see that they’d already prepared a photo of me for the event. Those simple things are greatly appreciated! My sister and I both tried their Kerasilk Keratin treatment because we both had dry, damaged hair. This treatment will help straighten and smoothen our unmanageable hair. The whole process takes around 2 hours from shampooing, to applying the product to drying and styling. May I suggest to make sure you are in a well-ventilated room where there is air passing infront of you or else the aroma/vapor of the product being used will make you teary-eyed. Nothing serious but yeah, do remember that. OR if you want, you can really just close your eyes the whole time. While our hair was being done, we also got treated to some manicures and Shellac gel nail polish! It was my first time to try gel nail polish and I’m so happy with it because CND Shellac does not contain polyurethane or any chemicals that weaken or damage the nails. I chose a light neutral color thinking it was going to come out matte, but I had no idea I chose the only translucent color. It’s fine though, it gives it a natural look. I ended up really loving it! My nails look so glossy, posh, and clean! Back to my hair. It’s turning out really well! It’s super smooth and silky now! Thanks for having me and my sister that day, Tenylle. Thank you also to the whole Cynos team and the Emphasis salon staff for a job well done! Off to play around with my hair now.

For more info about Cynos and their products, follow their social media accounts:
Twitter: @CynosInsideHairCarePH
Instagram: @CynosInsideHairCare

#CynosInsideHairCare #CynosMakeOver

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Shirt, jeans and heels. My usual lazy but dressed up getup.

RIVER ISLAND shirt & heels / MANGO jeans / ZARA jacket / PARFOIS bag
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Online shopping on Choies.

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