ASPREY Bloggers Night

Last May 17, Manila’s leading watchstrap brand, Asprey, threw a party at Scarlet Lounge and treated young fashion bloggers to a night of fun! They requested all attendees to bring their old watches and trade their aged straps with new and fresher styles!

Each of the bloggers were given two stubs and by that I mean two straps! I got so excited I couldn’t decide which one to pick! So many straps and so many choices! I loved it!  This was the first strap I asked to try on. Isn’t it pretty? It really brought life to my ghetto watch.

Strap 1: Pink shimmery strap

I then tried on this white leather strap. It just gave a feeling of casual luxury while still bringing out the bling! When choosing straps, you can go crazy but I prefer to choose the traditional way. Dark face, light strap. Basically giving contrast.

Strap 2: White leather stap

I’ve always wanted to meet Lana of Hautepot because I really love her style! Finally! She’s so nice too. Was nice to meet you, Lana. ‘Til next time!

Asprey’s brand ambassadors were also introduced that night! Bloggers David Guison and Lissa Kahayon, siblings Victor and Joyce Pring, Mike Advincula and Kato Chua.

Also, within that night, we were all invited to participate in an online popularity game! We just had to take our photos, upload it on the Asprey fanbook page and ask our friends to like it. Easy right? 6 winners were to be chosen! And the prize? One of these fabulous watches together with the straps!

Here was my entry for that night! Did I win? Did I win?

WHY YES I DID! Thanks to all my friends who instantly liked my photo that night! Thanks for helping me win! Yay I’m so happy! Thanks to Kat for taking these photos for me! 

That night was fun but it was even more fun thanks to these lovely girls! They were super fun to be with. That night we were all just standing around a cocktail table eating and the only people dancing to the music. We were having fun but if we were to look at the bigger picture, it was kinda sad. But we didn’t care. We were all so happy! HAHA! Chesca, myself, Patit, Kat, Rhea and Rovie.

The food was really good! I especially requested for this plate of fries with beef, cheese and jalapenos. I waited for it all night. Omnomnom!

Thanks Chesca for taking my outfit shots! Btw, that green nato strap was our entrance pass! Cool, huh?

Finally, here are the freebies and prizes of the night! This has got to be one of the most fun events I’ve attended! It was a night of celebration for me because I aced my midterms and I won a watch! Thank you so much, Asprey!

Asprey offers different choices for varied clients as you’ve seen in the photos. Each strap defines a certain personality. Asprey has 40 branches and most of which are located in major shopping malls. Visit the nearest branch near you and get strapped!

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