Mickey & Me

I really love the combination of black and blue. There’s just something so bold and yet so subtle with it. Here’s what I wore on a day out with my little sis. Just a chill afternoon on the corner of 28th and 3rd. I think I found my favorite place for outfit shots. The lighting’s just nice and the background’s a bit minimal and modern.

Deux bracelets (Unreleased) / Rings borrowed from my sister

Here’s my nude makeup look. I’m kinda liking it because it’s really natural and it’s different from what I usually do with my makeup. It reminds me of my skin back in high school. *sigh* I like my hair here too! Amazing how my hair turns out in my outfit photos. It’s never really that nice when I look at myself in the mirror. Haha

Please hype my look here on Lookbook. Thanks!

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