Leather on a Rainy Day

Zara jacket and blouse / Nava leggings / Topshop bag

Where else can you wear leather to besides rock concerts and Status events? (Haha, it’s true.) Well, I chose to wear it on a rainy day. It was quite comfortable because it kept me dry and still felt cool inside. I also saw this jacket worn by Andy T on Lookbook. Obviously she wore it better. Cause she’s awesome and I love her style so much.

I can’t believe I finally got to shoot with Elisa Aquino.  All photos were taken by her. I’ve been following her blog since forever and I was so flattered when she got in contact with me. Teehee. I’ve always enjoyed making friends and meeting new people. It’s one of the perks of having a life in the world wide web.

She was taking photos that day for Style Stalker and she took mine, my friend Melissa’s and a couple of other people! Oh yay! Wait for August ok you guys? :)

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