Genes & Jeans: Kylie Jenner + Rob Kardashian for Human

Welcome to the Philippines, Rob & Kylie! It was incredibly exciting to see them up close for the Human Press Conference as they were presented as the brand ambassadors!


It was quite an interesting session as Ginger Conejero interviewed the two sibs about their personal style and preferences when it comes to shopping. They both agree with looking at the design and the comfort. That’s why they’re perfect to represent Human.  They’re hip, they’re cool, they relate well to people who’d like to dress up and feel comfy with what they’re wearing.

Rob was very amused whenever he pronounced Kylie as “KAY-LEE.”  It was somewhat funny but yeah, he was probably mocking the Filipino accent. Cute, I thought.

Rob shared that he was launching a clothing line soon and so are Kylie and Kendall! Looks like the whole family’s really into the fashion retail business. Should we look forward to any collaborations? I would!

Here are some other photos from the event. They’re blurred for some reason.

Finally got to take a pic with the super bongga, forever gorgeous, Ms. Divine Lee! Yay! 

Parang ang lamig lamig ng panahon. With Miko, Hezron, and David. Haha!

With Paul!

Going shopping at Human soon with Jacob! Can’t wait can’t wait! You guys should definitely drop by Human too! Thank you BenchTM for inviting us to the presscon!

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