Bazaar For All Seasons

Yesterday, I got to sell some of my pre-loved stuff at the Elements Tent, Eton Centris. Thanks to Kat! I was there with my friends and co-bloggers Chesca, Rhea and Kat! We all had a good time even though it was tiring. Trust me, this was my third time to participate in a bazaar and it always gets quite tiring. Sitting down, standing up, looking for change, wrapping, sitting, eating. Yup. Basically, that’s why it’s tiring. 

Byebye clothes and shoes :( Momma needs cash! Halfway through, we sold half of what we had. Ohyeauh! Then I.. kinda went shopping. Oops.

Had fun! Earned enough! But I need more. So I’ll be selling more stuff on my FB online shop! Please visit and like the Facebook page here! Thanks!

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