My first official business card! Layout Editor of the Benildean Press Corps under the Student Publications Office of De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. I’ll be doing my very best to uphold the prestige (well, to me, it’s a HUGE thing, seriously, HAHA) Since the printing press included free business cards for the editorial board, they asked me to make it. Since it was only black and white, they asked for a clean, neat layout. 

I would have done something more ME if I had the chance to. But it’s the office’s business card, and we can only use the front page and there were a lot of details, I wound up just making this one. I like it. I don’t love it, but I’m happy. Stay tuned for more stuff I wanna share from our publications.

I have so many business cards! Where and whom will I give them to?

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