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Hooray! It’s the 3rd one I’ve been to! I didn’t attend the first one because it was kind of stormy that time. I missed BU3 because I went to the beach naman. But as of the three I’ve attended, it’s always been fun and exciting!

Jacob and I went a little later than everyone else to avoid the crazy hogging and shoving that usually happens when the doors of Bloggers United are opened. I hate that I had to miss out on all of the participating bloggers’ clothes and shoes. Waaah! But that saves me from spending so that’s ok. 

I bought a pair of teal H&M shorts for Jacob from Kelly! And I got a velvet Topshop maxi skirt and a coverup! I’m happy with those buys already! 

It was great to see good friends, fellow bloggers and meet new people in BU5! Can’t wait for the next one! I’m thinking of participating! 

All photos by Jacob Benedicto

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Bloggers United 4

Awyeauh! I was so excited to attend this year’s BU because I missed the third one for a particular reason. If I did, that would’ve probably been the first time I saw Jacob. Just a fun fact for you there. Haha. So I’m happy that we went together this year!


I have to admit I was pretty frustrated because everything I wanted to buy was right infront of me but in the hands of someone else. Kainezzz. But I guess it’s good cause I didn’t get to spend that much. Whew! I’m actually pretty happy with what I bought!


The first people I saw when I got there and got to take photos with! TUMBLR PEOPLE REPREZENT! Miko, Bea and Kelly!


Ofcourse, the ever-gorgeous, blooming bride, Rovie was there with her friend! Oops forgot her name.


Then a super nice reader of mine took a photo with me when I just got there. Awww! Her name was Bea! You guys should visit her super pretty blog :)


Mon amour, Jacob.


Just me shopping. Trying to act calm but going crazy with all the awesome clothes!


Hala. Sige. Shop shop shop!

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Bloggers United 2

What happens when fashion bloggers come together to shop? Uh-oh.

Since I didn’t get to go to the first Bloggers United, I just had to go to this one ‘cause it’s near and there are more participating bloggers! I went with my sisters and Melissa around 11am and the place was already packed! Seemed calm at first, then realized most of the great clothes have already been bought, NOOOO. 

Illustration by Bjorn.

Jesrhel, Dianne, Charlene, Jessa - Sorry it blurred you, Jesrhel. The lens.

Fab hosts Laureen Uy and Divine Lee!

Melissa and I claiming our free gifts worth Php500 online courtesy of Multiply!

My only outfit shot. My sisters were so tamad.

More photos taken with my digicam:

My partner in crime, oh, and in business, Melissa!

With Tin Iglesias

It was certainly a unique event! It was great to be around fellow bloggers and see what they had for sale. Although, I didn’t really find anything I liked except for this crochet top from Forever21 which I got for Php200. Yay! I’m happy with it :) Shall wear it soon and show you guys. I think everything else I wanted was sold na before I got there.

I did have a hard time though. I mean, it was crowded, there wasn’t enough space for one booth to entertain 10 people at a time. I guess I saw that coming, it was expected :)

I have to be more prepared next time then. Yes, let there be Bloggers United 3!

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