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Ever New Opening in Manila

One of Australia’s top fashion brands, Ever New, has opened a new branch right at the heart of Bonifacio High Street. The first of its kind here in the Philippines! The retail brand carries the trendiest clothing, accessories and bags for women. 

That’s me sifting through all the garb. They have such beautiful pieces for this collection! Everything’s so wearable but sadly, not so affordable (for me at least.) The prices range from Php2k-3.5k for blouses and dresses and almost Php800 for a ring or a bracelet. But if you can afford it, go for it! Here are some of my picks from the collection.

I could stay in that store all day just looking at how pretty everything was (if the airconditioning unit wasn’t broken, that is.) It was really hot that day, I never really complain about the weather but when I start to perspire, oh, expect me to rant all day. Good thing there was free Jamba Juice that day! And loads of it!

Sipping on some refreshments with my friends Kitty & Kathy. Lastly, yes, you’ve guesed it, an outfit shot. Nothing too special. Just a floral dress, pink heels and a smile.

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