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Introspect Salon

Wondering what treatment to get for your dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair due to constant coloring and styling? And where to have it done? Well, let me first introduce you to Introspect Salon, an urban salon that offers services for your head-to-toe needs. Introspect Salon just opened its second branch in the new Fisher Mall. So if you plan to visit the new mall, drop by Introspect if you feel like pampering yourself. Here’s something you should try. You might have heard about the trending Brazilian Blowout treatment which will magically transform your hair into naturally smooth silky hair. This treatment is only available in exclusive salons and is only done by trained professionals from Brazilian Blowout. Other salons have imitated this treatment and used the same term, so to make sure you are getting and paying for the authentic one, make sure your stylist shows you the products as they apply it unto your hair. Let’s get started! All products used will be from Brazilian Blowout. Shampoo & conditioner! This step prepares your hair for the application of the treatment. Next is the application of the (most important) smoothing solution. They will only use a small amount even for long hair. They apply it and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. No rinsing needed here. They will blowdry your hair and use a ceramic iron to straighten it. After your hair is straightened, it’s now time to rinse! They will also apply the conditioning masque at this stage. I like the sensation of the products applied in my hair. It has this cool menthol-like feeling. Last step is to apply some serum and blowdry the hair to see the results! Voila! I’m very happy with my hair! It’s been about four days since the treatment and I finally got rid of the difficult time I would have in the morning fixing my hair. After my shower, I never have to worry about it drying and ending up like a mess. Now it’s always straight, smooth and silky just as promised! The treatment is said to last for 10-12 weeks if maintained well.

Why go to other popular expensive salons (because of their well-established status and rental and other reasons) when you can get the same treatment at Introspect Salon for a more reasonable price?
Visit Introspect Salon at the 3rd Floor of Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave.

Thanks to Ms. Cai for inviting me to their opening and thank you to my friend Dilly too!

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Lip Lovin’ with Lip Ice

Most Filipinas forget the most important thing – lip care before anything else. While most women moisturize their face and put on a makeup base before putting on makeup, the lips are most often neglected, given little to no protection or moisturization throughout the day.

Revitalise those dull lips! Get full and vivacious lips the fun way with the new Lip Ice tinted lipbalm. This new range of tinted lipbalm features natural hues of pink and red that comes with yummy fruity flavors of Strawberry, Raspberry and Wild Berry. The key ingredient of this product is Hyaluronic Acid, which not only provides long lasting moisturization to lips but at the same time, helps to retain moisture.

Baby Pink gives a light pink color with a fresh Strawberry flavour, while Poppy Pink is light red with a sweet Raspberry flavor. Rose red on the other hand, is red in color with a lovely Wild Berry flavor. With just one smooth glide, your lips revitalise with a burst of moisture and natural lip color while you enjoy the fruity flavour that stays on your lips.

This lipbalm has a light, non-greasy and non-sticky texture that makes wearing the lipbalm comfortable. Lips feel soft and velvety upon application and is formulated with SPF15.
Lip Ice is now available in your favorite lip care centers! Do check them out for yourself! They make such great gifts too! Happy Holidays!

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Toni & Guy Holiday Hair Workshop

Are you ready for the holidays? It’s that time of year once again, where bold becomes bolder and rules dwindle into the background. This season’s hair-dos are in the hands of the multitude as the sartorial dictatorship breaks its chains and gives the license to let loose. Toni & Guy leads the pack and provides more avenues for self-expression with a range of stunning formulas to fit any style personality.

Hot from London Fashion Week, with sultry locks to slicked back shine, the Toni & Guy hair care range helps the style set cop the latest Autumn/Winter head-to-toe looks in a matter of minutes.

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