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It’s quite amusing how my print-on-print outfit turned out looking matchy-matchy . I absolutely love this blazer I recently bought from Choies. The print instantly adds pizazz to any outfit. I wore this to my shift earlier at our exhibit. I’ll be hanging out in Glorietta for a month. I’d love it if you dropped by and visited. My outfits might start becoming a little heavier since the holidays are coming up! I need to layer on clothes as the weather gets colder. Sweater weather, leather weather, layer weather! I can’t wait!

CHOIES blazer / DEBENHAMS sweater / BINKYDOODLES skort / LADY RUSTAN bag / ZARA boots
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It’s been a while since I wore anything this feminine and floral. This outfit actually reminds me of how I used to dress up before. Vintage chic. I got this blazer from Elf Sack on CHOIES. It’s made out suede and the pattern is just gorgeous. Do check out all their other items, there are new arrivals right now. They’ve got bomber jackets to jeans, blouses to blazers. I’m really happy with this blazer! It adds life to my white ensemble. Perfect for work, meetings, or just a casual day.

CHOIES blazer / VINTAGE top / DOROTHY PERKINS clutch / DEUX necklace

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White on White

You all probably know how much I looove blazers right? Well, Shimmer got me really excited when it came out with this awesome cape blazer!

Blazers make you look so formal and I almost never intend to wear them that way. I like to keep it casual so I dress it down with denim and stay away from bold colors. I did a little play on white on white here.

I like a thick, well-starched lapel so this is just perfect! Instantly adds edginess to your casual look.

Looking forward to wearing this in more of my outfit posts! Visit Shimmer now to get your own!

What I’m wearing: Shimmer blazer / Bazaar top / DIY shorts / Culte Femme heels / Dorothy Perkins clutch / Aldo necklace

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