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Lip Lovin’ with Lip Ice

Most Filipinas forget the most important thing – lip care before anything else. While most women moisturize their face and put on a makeup base before putting on makeup, the lips are most often neglected, given little to no protection or moisturization throughout the day.

Revitalise those dull lips! Get full and vivacious lips the fun way with the new Lip Ice tinted lipbalm. This new range of tinted lipbalm features natural hues of pink and red that comes with yummy fruity flavors of Strawberry, Raspberry and Wild Berry. The key ingredient of this product is Hyaluronic Acid, which not only provides long lasting moisturization to lips but at the same time, helps to retain moisture.

Baby Pink gives a light pink color with a fresh Strawberry flavour, while Poppy Pink is light red with a sweet Raspberry flavor. Rose red on the other hand, is red in color with a lovely Wild Berry flavor. With just one smooth glide, your lips revitalise with a burst of moisture and natural lip color while you enjoy the fruity flavour that stays on your lips.

This lipbalm has a light, non-greasy and non-sticky texture that makes wearing the lipbalm comfortable. Lips feel soft and velvety upon application and is formulated with SPF15.
Lip Ice is now available in your favorite lip care centers! Do check them out for yourself! They make such great gifts too! Happy Holidays!

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Paradise City. For more details about this look, visit: http://misspopquiz.blogspot.com/2013/03/paradise-city.html

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Malasimbo Festival

Held at Mt. Malasimbo last March 2 - 4.

Right now, I’m still hung over. I mean, if there was one place I’d like to stay and chill, listen to music, hang out with friends, meet new people, have a couple of drinks, (and loads of other stuff I probably shouldn’t mention), it’d be right there at Mt. Malasimbo. I mean, how awesome can it get? Art installations, renowned performers, beautiful scenery, perfect weather? Come on. Who would want to leave?

The whole experience was priceless. Even though we had a lot of expenses. Especially on transportation. But anyway! Watching bands perform while lying on the grass in such cold, humid weather was the most chill moment I’ve probably ever experienced. There was honestly no where I’d rather be but there and what’s more important is that it’s right here in the Philippines. People all over the world came to attend this event. They talked about how beautiful the provinces are compared to the cities. Hearing that just made me feel even more lucky to be there.

The crowd was so outgoing and friendly. They were easy to please and supportive of the performers which made every performance significant. Rain or shine, the show went on! People went down to the front of the stage to dance while the rest enjoyed the heavy rhythms from the seats. I sat there and took it all in. What an adventure.

There’s so much more to say and I wish I could impart all my thoughts. It’s one of the most memorable moments of my life and maybe next year, it will be yours too.

Here are some random photos I took of the event. Most of the good ones, I haven’t posted because we might use them for my article.

Some of the photos below have been watermarked. I can’t risk having the photos being posted elsewhere.

Photos in order: Malasimbo ticket for Saturday / D & I / Mangyan village / Official Malasimbo jacket / Holding hands / D & I / Grassy auditorium / Host Sarah Meier / Grammy nominated violist / Lead / Crowd / DJ Badkiss and her Malasimbo baby / Fire poi dancers / Sinosikat / Crowd to Brigada / Crush - Sinosikat bassist / Joe Bataan

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