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Bazaar Weekend!

Port 88 Bazaar at Megatent, Ortigas + Carnival de Rainhas at Rockwell - September 17 to 18

Most photos were taken by my point and shoot since my DSLR ran out of battery. Anymoooo! Such great bazaars! A combination of my favorite boutiques and some new ones as well! First off, Port 88! I only got a few photos. 

Hello, Mapleberry and Pirouette!

Elan accessories

Cute colored bags! Great material as well!

Virtual Mae - ‘Nuff said!

Chubby Chicken is sooo good! I love them! had them for dinner. Fried soy chicken with 2 condiments - Thick sweet soy sauce and a garlic sauce. YUM! 

So that’s all for Port 88. Boo. I know. Should’ve taken more shots. Sunday, off to Rockwell!

Anti-Fashion clothing!

Girls trying out this really chic, floral, cover-up. Different patterns.

I looove their bags! Authentic leather purses and shoulder bags!

Suuper awesome, right?

Lovely accessories!

Super cute clothes! Especially their dresses!

I loove this bag! It comes in Khaki, Olive and Navy Blue. Only 3 pieces per color. Great material and craftsmanship! However, I found it difficult to open and close the bag.

So these are the stuff I bought from both bazaars. I held back a lot! Because I;m saving up for shoes. Haha. But these are great investments + great bargains! I’m so happy. My wallet isn’t though. :| Watch out for my outfit posts. And new stuff at The Pop Shop!

Any questions? Please feel free to comment using the Disqus form below! I’d love to hear from you! 

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