<h2>Street Rouge</h2>
    <p>I'm loving this plaid printed bomber jacket. Still works during grunge days and cold nights. What do you think?</p>
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    <h2>WARNING: Shoeporn!</h2>
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    <p>Guess what? I'm one of Memorata's Leading Ladies! Check out what I have to share with you!</p>
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    <h2>Locale Gastrobar</h2>
    <p>If you're looking for a place to dine and drink lots of draft beer, check out Locale Gastrobar!</p>
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Design Surge 2014

Keep up with the motion as The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Fashion Design and Merchandising program lights up the stage for seventy rising talents with a plethora of inspiration. Ushering in a change of pace through one captivating show, they bring you Design Surge 2014. Front lining the program’s shift in gear, its students set on a blaze, marrying longstanding traditions of exceptional design and excellent craftsmanship in a vivid display of women’s, men’s, children’s, maternity, and bridal wear. Showcasing their knowledge in design development, production, merchandising, and marketing with fashion business at its core, its graduating class rolls out the runway for the 15th Annual Graduation Showcase on the 5th of April at 8:00 in the evening at Le Pavillion Events Place, Pasay City. Rip through the old seams and stagnant waves. Set out your engines and be ready to charge in a new direction.

So much to look forward to! Here are some photos from behind the scenes!

For more photos and updates, follow their IG account: @designsurge2014 For sponsorship inquiries, please contact us at fdmannuale@gmail.com


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Written along the walls of their brightly lit and color-splashed stores in Singapore, Malaysia and now in the Philippines, CommonThread share an unspoken story of how everything you own is an extension of who you are.

Each person’s unique sense of style - from pieces she chooses and how she wears them - tells a personal tale that expresses her story through fashion.

CommonThread cultivates these style stories by offering hand-picked collections of “style anchors” - essentials that you will always reach for because they complete your style story.

The store is filled with so many interesting things and quirky products, strategically and creatively placed next to each other to make mixing and matching easier for the shopper.

CommonThread is more than just style. It not only represent function, but also reflects a lifestyle hinged on cool, confident attitude. It advocates a fun and carefree lifestyle featuring heritage brands such as Havaianas from Brazil, Bensimon from France, K-Way from Italy along with premium jeans and eyewear brands and so much more.
Life is in the details; the small things make it so much interesting.

I went to the event with Jacob, caught up with friends and made new ones. It was fun going around the store, trying to decide what to buy. Pretty difficult to choose, too.

We are all bound by the common desire to express ourselves through fashion, where every piece has a story, a purpose and a place in our wardrobe.

Visit CommonThread at the 2/F of Greenbelt 5.
Follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @CommonThreadPH
And Like them on Facebook for more updates!

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Officially launched just last September for the Philippine market, SEVENFRIDAY timepieces communicate a unique aura, different from any other watch out there.

I went to the party with my sister, Shari, and my boyfriend, Jacob. The party was themed after the watch’s industrial chic appeal so the venue gave the perfect vibe.

“When you look at the timepiece market today, there is a lack of innovation,” says Daniel Niederer, owner and founder of Sevenfriday. “We wanted to create something that represents a lifestyle that I want to live, the values I believe in. That was really the foundation of Sevenfriday.”

He was a pretty cool guy. I can’t find the photo I took with him. We had drinks with him and his friends as well. He sort of reminded me of Hugh Grant for some reason.

To create the Sevenfriday, Dan partnered with the Studio Divine team, based in Biel, Switzerland, to create the now-iconic Sevenfriday design language.

“The thing was to create a timepiece of the highest quality standards,” says Dan about the brand, “with a very high perceived value but still quite affordable. We wanted create a watch you don’t just put in a drawer. Normally, you look at a watch and you think, oh it’s a jewelry watch, it’s a sports watch. But you look at this watch and you’re not sure. Is it classic or is it modern? I don’t want to classify it, really. I don’t want to specify what it stands for. I believe a good design shouldn’t explain too much.”

While photos of Sevenfriday’s one-of-a-kind timepieces are often enough to wow even non-collectors, nothing beats the sensory and tactile experience of actually wearing a Sevenfriday watch. Up close and in motion, you can truly appreciate the elegance of its multi-faceted dial, and admire the handiwork that defines its finish. On the wrist, you can feel the grace underneath its modernity. Everyone will want to know what you’re wearing, and how they can get one.

The night peaked when the Sevenfriday identified top personalities who embody the Sevenfriday brand:
Ornussa Cadness. Being an awesome epitome of chic and edgy, this DJ-model has made her own unique brand of gorgeousness with a remarkable edge.
Jeron Teng, winning was about a thorough mastery of his craft. Technical perfection makes it a strong player in the watch market.
Chef Laudico. We know him well for some of our favorite foodie joints. In Sevenfriday fashion, he represents success in doing what you’re ultimately passionate about.
Laureen Uy. This youthful and popular digital maven represents a leadership in a world that moves at hyper pace. She’s Sevenfriday material, indeed.
Anton Del Rosario. Pinoy at heart but ultimately global in stance, this good-looking Azkal won hearts when football became all the rage. Sevenfriday will definitely take Pinoys up a notch.
Rhian Ramos is anything but your ordinary run-of-the-mill actress. Like Sevenfriday, she stands out because she’s candidly casual but also sophisticatedly beautiful at the same time.
Last is Senator Chiz Escudero. He has the ability to bring substance and strength to the house—and like a Sevenfriday watch that always makes a tasteful statement.

With Sevenfriday in the local scene, watch enthusiasts are now edgier, cooler, more hip. This is probably my favorite design. It really does appeal to most women. Plus, it can easily match our feminine to somewhat androgynous outfits. I can’t seem to leave the house without a watch.

With a casual luxe brand on their wrists, Filipinos can now make every day a Sevenfriday.

Sevenfriday is exclusively available in Manila as well as its solo botique located at Promenade 3 fo the Greenhills Shopping Complex. For inquiries, please email sevenfridaymanila@gmail.com. Follow @sevenfriday_manila on Instagram and Twitter for updates!

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