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The devil is in the details, and so is the beauty.

A simple outfit can either be plain and elegant, or just really boring. If you’re not so sure, just add some color or print to make things more interesting like what I did here with my scarf and bag. Oh and my lips! *wink* I sometimes feel like I’m dressing up for the holidays already. Excited much. No matter what the occasion, it’s nice to keep exploring your style and bring something new besides our same old achromatic outfits (just because they look good on Instagram.)

My board exams are this Tuesday-Thursday already. But I shall be in H&M on Wednesday night so I’m terrified and excited for the next few days. Please pray for me. I really want my license already.

Can you guess where I took my OOTD?

SUITEBLANCO scarf, shorts + heels / STRADIVARIUS blouse / KATE SPADE bag / NARS Vivien lipstick
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In the studio.

Photography by Kevin Cayuca
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Makeup by Joemel Reyes
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First x Forever

When California’s fast-fashion line Forever 21 entered into the Philippine retail landscape in 2010, its flagship store in SM Megamall distinguished itself as the defined fashion mecca for stylish apparel that catered to every personality. With a huge selection of hip, trendy clothes and accessories, Forever 21’s arrival on Philippine shores was highly anticipated; so much so that when its first branch opened, the anticipation had built up to the point of frenzy.

Change, as with all things in the fashion world, was always in the offing. Now also in its fourth year, Forever 21’s SM Megamall flagship store receives a sophisticated and streamlined makeover, reflecting the brand’s new international look.

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