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EXTRA! EXTRA! ( Read all about it! )
So if you’ve heard me mention before that I had this “lunch with friends” thing last month, it was actually the day I was featured by Young STAR as one of 15 buzzworthy fresh grads. I’m truly grateful to have been chosen alongside everyone who’s incredibly talented and crazy smart in their respective fields. You should definitely read the article.

I actually already knew some of them from CSB or CSA so that was cool and I got to make new friends that afternoon. Let’s just say it got quite noisy that afternoon and you can tell who the creatives were from the business/science people. We sort of labelled each other by the industry we would be in. Oh and the “lunch with friends” part was actually referring to what we should dress for. Btw, I look ridiculous in that cover photo. I was eating this huge chunk of ice cream cookie crust thing which was rock harf and I tried to dilute it with this drink while we all suddenly burst into laughter. I look matakaw. Haha which is true. :| Such a fun afternoon!

You can read the full article online here:

Thank you again, @YoungSTARphils for featuring me,
and thank you @margabee for being awesome!

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“Amelia & Charles S/S 2014”

Esme Palaganas (@basicmovement)
Lorenz Namalata (@wehlorenz)
Dawn Qui (@dawnqui)
Nicole Luna

Shaira Luna (@shairaluna)

Erika Locker, Raiza Poquiz, Tonito De Ocampo, Melissa Gatchalian, Pauline Suarez, Matt Haw, Tara Del Rosario, Jacob Benedicto

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MEG Magazine Feature

The Dec-Jan issue of Meg Magazine is finally out! I’m featured in the Style It Your Way section along with 20 other girls thanks to Forever21's Threebies My Way contest! The shoot was so much fun! I wasn’t really styled according to how I would normally dress but I didn’t bother meddling with how they wanted to style me. I think they did a great job styling everyone! Plus, I was just really grateful for the opportunity! Oh, and if you noticed, no, I wasn’t 20 at that time. I was 21 when we had the shoot but I’m 22 now. * cue Taylor Swift’s 22 * :P

If you wanna know more about what happened during the shoot, read my blog post here.

Do grab a copy of MEG magazine! There are so many interesting reads for this issue! Happy Holidays!

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