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Make a statement.

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I’ve been wearing jeans more often than I usually do. Especially during client meetings, site visits and shopping for furniture & fixtures. I make it a point to dress in smart casual, taking note of comfort and flexibility. My day involves a lot of walking, dealing with people and being in different places, cool or warm. Lastly, I make sure to stay true to my style. Adding a little bit of edginess here and there. So I’ve been overusing my boots for work. It’s the first time I’m showing them off though. They’re probably my favorite boots and I’ve managed to damage them. I hate myself for it. But oh well, best boots ever.

Random story about these boots: People went crazy over these when the store opened. I had to reserve them because they couldn’t get the ones worn by the mannequin which was my size and I had to wait the next day. When I went to pick them up the next day, people were fighting over the sizes left. I almost lost these babies because I reserved the wrong size. But everything worked out. It’s one of those, it-was-meant-to-be-mine kind of buys.

MANGO top / F21 jacket / FERRAGAMO belt / ZARA jeans & bag / RIVER ISLAND boots
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GILDED. Deciding what to wear for the holidays is definitely a challenge because it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime special occasions immortalized by tons of photographs. Last year, I wore this boring red top and skirt. How often do you really wear a red outfit in a year, right? So I wanted to change it up this year. I thought, why not wear my favorite color? Gold!

Part of making a memorable holiday experience is giving importance to every detail; like carefully placing handwritten name cards on the table setting, or lighting up candles to set the mood, personalizing your giftwrappers, preparing the menu for the feast, and choosing unique gifts for your loved ones. Preparing an outfit is just one of those little details that make the occasion special.

My floral shift top paired with my metallic gold skirt created this subtly perfect golden ensemble. My shoes and bag are both black with gold metal details so they complemented and didn’t overwhelm the outfit.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! Enjoy, have fun and just be with the people you love! Cheers!
Photos by Jacob Benedicto

MANGO top / FOREVER21 skirt & heels / LADY RUSTAN bag
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