<h2>Club Tropicana</h2>
    <p>Aranaz welcomes summer with a poolside chic party!</p>
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    <h2>WARNING: Shoeporn!</h2>
    <p>I went crazy shopping for shoes at Memorata! Check out which ones I got!</p>
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    <h2>Memorata Leading Lady</h2>
    <p>Guess what? I'm one of Memorata's Leading Ladies! Check out what I have to share with you!</p>
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WIN CreamSilk’s Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Gift Pack!

I have gone through all the entries and made sure they’ve followed it.
Congrats to the winners!
MAJOR PRIZE : Arra Odeza
MINOR PRIZE: Lorie Nocasa
MINOR PRIZE: Trisha Camille Lozano
Email sent to winners! Thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway! More soon! :) This 2014, Cream Silk, the No. 1 Hair Care brand, celebrates its 30th Anniversary! 30 years of limitless possibilities for the Beyond Beautiful Filipina.

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The Pop Up Giveaway! Hey guys! I’d just like to thank every one of my readers and sponsors who have been so kind and supportive. So, I arranged a giveaway! Lots of prizes up for grabs! ONE BIG WINNER! Spread the word! Thanks!

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Get a chance to WIN one of these awesome items from CHOIES!! Just click here and do 3 EASY STEPS

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