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Bench x Daphne Home Scents x Dimensione

Enjoy a new stylish way of filling your home with fragrance with the Daphne Home Scents collection. The reed diffuser is an alternative home fragrance which is effective safe, easy to use and at the same time lasts long.

Just yesterday, Daphne Oseña-Paez, together with Bench, launched her line of home fragrances at Dimensione, Bonifacio Global High Street. Being an interior design student, this was an event I didn’t want to miss. Anything related to home furnishings or accessories and I’m there!

Photos above were provided by Bench. 

See those lovely chairs? Well, those are Daphne’s first range of chairs which debuts at Dimensione. Nostalgia is the word that played a big role in her collection. The Daphne chairs are made of farmed mahogany wood and come in a variety of colors. I love the slated legs and the oval back. Simple yet indeed a statement piece. A must-have for every girl! 

The tea party that afternoon was lovely. Patterns and ornaments added great touches to the table setting and worked well with the ambiance. Hosting the event was none other than Raymond Gutierrez.

Petit fours, chocolate, coffee, tea and other refreshments were served at every table. Mmmm! Delicious! I wanted to stay there all day!

I sat with my friend Miko, who I didn’t get to take a decent photo of thanks to my prime lens. Plus, I made two new friends.

Angel. She won the Daphne chair being raffled off. Congrats again! 

Macarons anyone? That’s Jacob and his smile. He’s awesome for getting us another bowl of macarons! Nyahaha!

I guess those are all the photos I took. Here’s a quick outfit shot. 

It really does smell like homemade lemon tart! It retails for only Php348 available at Dimensione stores and selected Bench stores nationwide.

Thank you to Bench and Lawrence C. for inviting me to the event! Looking forward to more!

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Room Accessories

I wanted something vintage, a bit classy and eclectic. I collected a few stuff around the house and bought stuff here and there. I posted a before and after photo of this before. Way before. HAHA Click here if you must see it. Can you spot the difference?

I’m so excited for my interior design career!

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Jak En Poy

Jak En Poy: Bato, gunting, papel, atbp.

An Interior Design Exhibit of Sustainable Proportions

September 24 - Beside Kotse Network, SM North Edsa 

The Annual PSID exhibit! A few of my classmates and I volunteered to assist in PSID’s Alumni Night. One of the privileges we get in return was to be able to view the exhibit before it is opened up to the public. Then the other privileges would have to be seeing the alumni, the experience, oh and FREE FOOD!

Here’s what I wore that night. Oh, and cool chairs, huh?

We were in charge of arranging and sorting out the raffle prizes that night. OMG. You cannot believe what they gave out as raffle prizes! All items were sponsored! Ethan Allan, BLIMS, PSID Alumni, renowned artists, Penaso and Bienvenido, and so much more! Raffled off furniture, decorative items, etc. But only alumni & graduates were part of the raffle though. Darn. Oh well. This is actually the FIRST EVER Alumni Association gathering.

The theme revolves around the use of traditional Filipino materials. Each group was given a certain type of material to use for their room. Also, the exhibit was divided into sections and these huge words served as indicators.

Excited? Well here they are! I’d like to keep you guys more curious about the rest of the rooms so I’m not showing you all of them. The exhibit will be open for public viewing starting October 1 and up until October 31. I seriously urge everyone to drop by and take a look at all the great rooms! These photos are a personal selection of my favorite ones! Booth titles found under each photo.

Looking Glass

Paper View

De Hierro Pavo Real

Glass with Class

Le Boudoir Rose

Three to Tango

Achromatic Glam

Gorgeous ladies behind this glamorous bathroom. Spotted: RALEENE

Out of the Box


Bamboozled - Btw, these are two portait photos next to each other

The man behind Primitive Revival, Aivan Magno, spotted at his booth.

That’s all for now. You HAVE TO see the other rooms for yourself! This is actually my ultimate favorite PSID exhibit out of all the ones I’ve seen each year since 2008. Every room was just so appealing and attractive. There was not one room in there I didn’t like.

Sipped on some Spy wine cooler the rest of the night. Very refreshing feminine drinks! 

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