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I’ve always wanted to use that title on one of my outfit posts. Haha. Kidding aside, I’m glad I found time to blog again despite my busy schedule. Just a few more days ‘til one of the levels of the house I’m doing will be fully renovated. It was too much fun accessorizing and buying materials for the kitchen, living and dining area. I’ll gladly post photos when the project is finished. It was such a windy day outside. My hair was just everywhere. Hello March! Hoping this month will be a good one!

VINTAGE sweater / RALPH LAUREN shirt / CHOIES skirt / VINTAGE BALLY bag / F21 heels
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I think the best part of my outfit, which is also the inspiration for this black and white ensemble, is my shirt. Without the awesome cursive typography print, my look wouldn’t have turned out as badass as this. CULT is a streetwear label that offers the best graphic shirts and they’re quickly selling out! Do check out their shirts, jackets and pullovers and they’re continually coming up with new designs. Other than the fact that the quality is just awesome, they’re quite affordable too. Visit CULT on Facebook now!

CULT shirt / CHOIES jacket / ZARA pants / TOPSHOP backpack / MANGO boots

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LEATHER IN DECEMBER. For more info about this look, visit my blog here.

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