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Temperature Rising

MAC heats things up as they introduce the latest collection, Temperature Rising available now in all MAC stores. I, along with other lucky bloggers , experienced a sultry, sexy makeover thanks to the MAC artists. I do not know where and how to begin describing my love for this collection so let me just start things off with a ‘before’ picture of my makeup sesh with Missy.

IMG_5719 These are all the products Missy used on me. She went for a natural dewy look with a smokey eye which is one of the looks I love most. I’ll tell try to tell you each product she used for each step.

Prep and Prime products. Always remember to start with a clean and moisturized face. Then apply BB Cream for fair and glowing looking skin. Apply Concealer on areas that need to be concealed. Again we’re going for a light and natural look so apply minimally then just add on if necessary.

Temperature Rising For this next step, you absolutely MUST-HAVE this collection’s Bronzing Powder in Soft Sand. This I definitely recommend. See how natural it looks on your skin. Plus it gives you that radiant look because you’re using a bronzer as contour. After that, she applied a few drops of the liquid bronzer Golden Elixir for highlights.

Temperature Rising This next step is probably the second or most important step to some artists. Brows. See how different your face looks when you’ve got well groomed brows? They instantly define the shape of your face. We used the retractable eyebrow pencil Lingering and the brow set Beguile. Not part of the collection, but both are sought-after products since they came out.

For my eyes, we used the collection’s eye pencil Life’s Luxury as the base and the eyeshadow palette Bare My Soul for the main color scheme. Missy used the deep green copper gold color since I was wearing emerald. I’ve never had green eyeshadow before so it was a good thing it was done professionally for the first time. Check it out. What do you think?

For my cheeks, we used the collection’s, Ripe for Love for a peachy color. This way, the blush won’t overwhelm the eyeshadow. it’s a very important tip when doing a smokey eye. For my lips, we used Altered Beige. We used it over a lip pencil (The color I forgot to take note of. Refer to picture above of all items used.) Anyway, here’s the overall look. Doesn’t it make you feel like running to MAC right now?

Temperature Rising Here are a couple more photos without the softbox. I love how subtle, light and yet very sexy the makeup feels. Visit the nearest MAC and try out these gorgeous products from Temperature Rising!

Temperature RisingTemperature Rising Thank you so much Vani for inviting me! Glad to know I can still get down and kick it with the same beautiful, crazy, sweet, and hardworking friend! Always so proud of you!

Photos by Jacob Benedicto

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Temperature Rising. This collection is just amazing and it’s out now! Do drop by your nearest MAC store and check it out! I absolutely love the metallic and sexy hues they have for this collection. I think it compliments asian skin and it’s perfect for that day to night look.
Watch out for my next post describing my makeover experience with MAC and find out the must-haves from this collection!

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MAC’s Temperature Rising Collection. Will blog about it soon!

Photo by Catch Gaviola

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