<h2>Street Rouge</h2>
    <p>I'm loving this plaid printed bomber jacket. Still works during grunge days and cold nights. What do you think?</p>
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    <h2>WARNING: Shoeporn!</h2>
    <p>I went crazy shopping for shoes at Memorata! Check out which ones I got!</p>
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    <h2>Memorata Leading Lady</h2>
    <p>Guess what? I'm one of Memorata's Leading Ladies! Check out what I have to share with you!</p>
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    <h2>Locale Gastrobar</h2>
    <p>If you're looking for a place to dine and drink lots of draft beer, check out Locale Gastrobar!</p>
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Summer has officially hit Manila and what better way to kickstart the season by doing my shopping for summer essentials. Considering the temperature outside, I wanted to wear something light and breezy but also easy to take on and off when trying out clothes. Since I’m going to another event that require a poolside chic attire, I thought this white dress would be perfect! I would’ve paired this dress with knee-high leather gladiator sandals but I unfortunately don’t have a nice pair, or wedged-sandals but that would be somewhat ridiculous to wear if I’m prancing around the pool. I decided to keep it simple with these braided thong flats.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post about the lifestyle market and pool party I went to plus the brands that are featured. Here’s to a sophisticated summer ahead! - Actually, I wouldn’t mind a wild crazy adventure. Hmm. Yeah. Better.

CHICWISH dress / STOCKTON ROW bracelet / VINTAGE bag / BAZAAR flats
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Today I I had a shoot for something really exciting. I can’t quite share what it is just yet but it was an honor to be part of it. I’ll keep you guys posted though! Anyway, the “stars" *hint hint* had to come in a ‘lunch with friends’ outfit so here’s what I went with. I figured I’ve always been a jeans & heels type of chick because that’s what I usually feel comfortable wearing.

During the interview, I couldn’t quite express what was on my mind because it was crowded, kind of noisy and I couldn’t hear myself. I wonder how the writeup goes. Quite anxious, to be honest. But I have no choice but to wait and see.

The facial expression I have in these photos is a result of two things. Sun in my eyes + strong wind. It’s a horrible combination when taking ootds and it was almost impossible to take a decent photo. But it reminds me of the expression I had in a photo that got published in a newspaper thanks to my friend Eric seen here. Well, that’s about it for now. Keep checking the blog for updates!

STRADIVARIUS sweater & necklace / GUESS jeans / VINTAGE bag / RIVER ISLAND heels
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ZARA blouse / SINEQUANONE sweater / STRADIVARIUS skirt & heels / C&K bag
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