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The devil is in the details, and so is the beauty.

A simple outfit can either be plain and elegant, or just really boring. If you’re not so sure, just add some color or print to make things more interesting like what I did here with my scarf and bag. Oh and my lips! *wink* I sometimes feel like I’m dressing up for the holidays already. Excited much. No matter what the occasion, it’s nice to keep exploring your style and bring something new besides our same old achromatic outfits (just because they look good on Instagram.)

My board exams are this Tuesday-Thursday already. But I shall be in H&M on Wednesday night so I’m terrified and excited for the next few days. Please pray for me. I really want my license already.

Can you guess where I took my OOTD?

SUITEBLANCO scarf, shorts + heels / STRADIVARIUS blouse / KATE SPADE bag / NARS Vivien lipstick
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These past few weeks have been filled with nothing but a series of rapid changes in my life. Not necessarily the ones I chose to make, but the kind that just hits you hard even when you’ve already been anticipating it.

It’s been a struggle trying to balance my work, my studies and my personal life. Plus my blogs! They’re somewhat on a slight-hiatus, if that’s even acceptable. My main priority should be reviewing for my board exams this October but I’ve been prioritizing my design projects and my social life which is my outlet for keeping sane. But now, I’ve decided to focus more on my reviewing because I just really need my license and I’m free to live my life however I choose! I’ve also been in touch with my spirituality lately because of this struggle. I find it important to have faith in Him and in yourself despite everything happening around.

I wish all my readers well! There are so many things I’ve been meaning to share with everyone and do know I’m coming back to revamp my blog soon so do watch out for that and more!

ZARA jacket & heels / RALPH LAUREN shirt / CHOIES skirt / STRADIVARIUS necklace
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Shirt, jeans and heels. My usual lazy but dressed up getup.

RIVER ISLAND shirt & heels / MANGO jeans / ZARA jacket / PARFOIS bag
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