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PopQuiz! Sorry for the late post! Congrats to bitterspooncandy. I’ll send you a little gift I got from Claire’s.

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PQ1: Land of the Green Hangers

Our first POP QUIZ question comes from Rhea. Congrats hun. I’ll contact you about your prize.

Thrift shopping is one of my favorite things to do. There are so many different thrift shops out there I wish I could visit. I think it’s been about 3 years since I first got into it but I realized I started at a young age when my family and I go to Baguio. How was I supposed to know they weren’t new? Well, with thrift shopping, some of them actually are.

When it comes to buying, I usually choose the ones that are branded. HAHA Joke. Mahirap kaya makahanap ng branded minsan.  But seriously now. I look at the design first then check if it’s in good quality, and then if the price is reasonable. Simple. Just like regular shopping.

It’s weird how I develop this kind of thinking that Php180 or Php250 is too much for something when in reality, that’s actually kind of a steal! I don’t know. But it happens.

*If you want to try something on, just put them over the clothes you’re already wearing. Don’t try to take off anything. 

When it comes to washing and disinfecting, WHICH IS IMPORTANT, I asked our helper how to properly wash them.

Step 1 Wash them with regular laundry soap. Scrub here and there. Leave for a couple of hours. Rinse.

Step 2 Soak them under bleach. The bleach I use is the one above. Yurck nag-promote. Haha. Leave for 10mins then rinse.

Step 3 Pour boiling water over them to eliminate anything else that’s left.

Anymoo, after that, enjoy and wear them as much as you want! The great thing about thrift shopping is having really unique pieces in your closet. Something so awesome that only YOU have. Well, there was that one time, when I saw someone wearing the same thing. But anyway! These are my recent thrift finds!

An olive silk top, a studded denim topper, an indigo sheer top and a printed blouse. I usually go thrift shopping when I have the time and money. I don’t go all out when it comes to thrift shopping just because they’re cheap. I make sure I really like them.

I have no particular schedule but there was a time I used to go every week when my online business was booming. I’m a hustler. Haha

Want to win a prize? Share with me how I’ve helped in your thrift shopping adventures or just simply ask me a new question! I’m accepting comments and questions now until February 10Read my post about POP QUIZ here.

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2012 is one night away and I’d like to start the year by adding a new segment to my blog. Join the POP QUIZ! This is somewhat a Q&A game so I can hear from you guys! 


1) Follow my blog and my Twitter.

2) You can win by one of the following ways:

  • Challenge me. Submit a question you’d like me to blog about. Whether it’s what to wear on a date, how to put makeup on, how to dougie even? In need, be randoom, be you! Photos, videos, handwritten ones, request all you want.
  • Comment. Whenever I post a POP QUIZ, use the Disqus form to tell me what you think, how it helped you, a photo of you doing the same, anything!

So you see, it’s really a giveaway for all of you every month! :) Anyone can be a winner! Please note that if I choose your question, it doesn’t neccessarily mean you’ve won. The question may have come from you but I might have chosen to give the prize to someone who gave a nice comment. Just to clear things up! GAME NA!

Hope you can help me spread the word by reblogging! Let’s make this a healthy competition! Thaaank you all! 

START TA-ing me your questions and let’s see who our first lucky winner is!

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