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Memorata by CLN Shoe Shopping

If there’s one thing I absolutely love in this world, something I can never say no to, something that always cheers me up, something that makes me truly happy, it’s shoe shopping. Nothing beats the feeling of buying a new pair of shoes and adding a new member to my collection. Where better to shop than in one of my new favorite stores, CLN.

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Way back, before my blogging days, I wasn’t very girly at all. Believe it or not, I used to collect sneakers. Yes, I went crazy over those skateboarding shoes, saving all my allowance to buy a new pair to add to my collection. Yes, because I was into hip-hop, dance and all of that. Then towards the end my sophomore year in college, I started dressing differently. I started wearing flats, tank tops, and skirts to class. But no matter how much change I went through, my love for sneakers prevails.

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Whether you’re working, strolling at the park or shopping, walking tends to be quite difficult when you don’t feel comfy with what you’re wearing. For me, the problem usually stems from my footwear. I’m a big shoe-a-holic and one of the many things I need is the perfect pair of white sneakers.

Check out my new kicks from World Balance. The upper part is made of PU leather which gives it its overall sleek look! Plus they’re super comfortable! These kicks are perfect for almost any outfit. I really love them! My sister actually wants to steal them from me.

Check out all the other shoe designs of World Balance on Facebook! They have almost every design to suit your own personality!

ZARA white top / SINEQUANONE black skirt / MANGO sling bag
VINTAGE blue blouse / ZARA bag / WORLD BALANCE sneakers
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