<h2>Street Rouge</h2>
    <p>I'm loving this plaid printed bomber jacket. Still works during grunge days and cold nights. What do you think?</p>
    <a href='http://misspopquiz.tumblr.com/post/78540367034/'>Deets please!</a>
    <h2>WARNING: Shoeporn!</h2>
    <p>I went crazy shopping for shoes at Memorata! Check out which ones I got!</p>
    <a href='http://misspopquiz.tumblr.com/post/72211608588/'>Shoe me!</a>
    <h2>Memorata Leading Lady</h2>
    <p>Guess what? I'm one of Memorata's Leading Ladies! Check out what I have to share with you!</p>
    <a href='http://misspopquiz.tumblr.com/post/70478454802/'>Click me!</a>
    <h2>Locale Gastrobar</h2>
    <p>If you're looking for a place to dine and drink lots of draft beer, check out Locale Gastrobar!</p>
    <a href='http://misspopquiz.tumblr.com/post/78928346456/locale-gastrobar'>OMNOMNOM!</a>

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Written along the walls of their brightly lit and color-splashed stores in Singapore, Malaysia and now in the Philippines, CommonThread share an unspoken story of how everything you own is an extension of who you are.

Each person’s unique sense of style - from pieces she chooses and how she wears them - tells a personal tale that expresses her story through fashion.

CommonThread cultivates these style stories by offering hand-picked collections of “style anchors” - essentials that you will always reach for because they complete your style story.

The store is filled with so many interesting things and quirky products, strategically and creatively placed next to each other to make mixing and matching easier for the shopper.

CommonThread is more than just style. It not only represent function, but also reflects a lifestyle hinged on cool, confident attitude. It advocates a fun and carefree lifestyle featuring heritage brands such as Havaianas from Brazil, Bensimon from France, K-Way from Italy along with premium jeans and eyewear brands and so much more.
Life is in the details; the small things make it so much interesting.

I went to the event with Jacob, caught up with friends and made new ones. It was fun going around the store, trying to decide what to buy. Pretty difficult to choose, too.

We are all bound by the common desire to express ourselves through fashion, where every piece has a story, a purpose and a place in our wardrobe.

Visit CommonThread at the 2/F of Greenbelt 5.
Follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @CommonThreadPH
And Like them on Facebook for more updates!

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Memorata by CLN Shoe Shopping

If there’s one thing I absolutely love in this world, something I can never say no to, something that always cheers me up, something that makes me truly happy, it’s shoe shopping. Nothing beats the feeling of buying a new pair of shoes and adding a new member to my collection. Where better to shop than in one of my new favorite stores, CLN.

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Get a chance to WIN one of these awesome items from CHOIES!! Just click here and do 3 EASY STEPS

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